About Carpet Cleaning
We use the BLACK STALLION TRUCK MOUNT! It has tremendous  power
With the 2500 psi and constant heat of 200 degrees your Carpet will be clean and
dry faster.

We Use the Alympus Portable  when needed for areas that our truck mount can
not   be used. Examples would be apartments on high floors,motels,and more.  
These machines provide deep cleaning even on the heavy soils in residential or
Commercial Carpets.

We are dedicated to being  on time and providing Great Service.
Carpet Cleaning
The services for Carpet cleaning include:

           * Vacuuming
           * Sanitize
           * Deodorize
Carpet protector can be purchased extra. Also comes with a year  Warranty.  We
recommend carpet protector to prolong the life of your carpet. It also helps to prevent
new spills from turning into stains.  

If a spill happens between cleanings nothing compares to professional cleaning.
However,mistakes happen and we know you can't call us every time something gets
on the carpet. We recommend Home Pro Spotter. Ask for your free bottle with your
carpet cleaning!
How often  you need carpet professionally  cleaned is determined buy the amount of traffic.

If you have children or pets are both,we recommend cleaning at least twice a year. If you live
alone or there isn't  a lot of activity on the carpet we recommend  once a year. Professional
cleaning reduces indoor allergens and prolong carpet life.
The latest innovation in Carpet Cleaning
Rotary DriMaster
This is our Rotary DriMaster it  is precision engineered to bring you to the state of the art in
carpet cleaning. The Low profile head allows the Rotary DriMaster to clean areas where
conventional methods are unable to reach and 1 to 2 hours drying time.
Dirt being pulled out of the Carpet
Water after the dirt is removed from
the Carpet